Weekend Update: Play-by-play job

Expect a big announcement concerning our new play-by-play announcer for men’s basketball and baseball in the next few days.  I’m sure many of you are wondering what the process was for selecting the new announcer.

For starters, ISP, the entity that serves as the athletics department’s media rights holder and employs the broadcasters for all South Carolina athletics television and radio broadcasts, received 250 applications.  This reflects well on our program as it shows that this is a position that a lot of people in the industry are interested in.

But how do you pare down a list of 250 people to just one?  ISP, a company which has a long history of expertise in the radio business, trimmed the list to twelve of the strongest candidates.  At that point, ISP and the athletics department formed a focus group comprised of students at the university, Gamecock Club members, athletic department staff and ISP staff.  This group listened to recordings of each candidate calling a basketball and a baseball game.  From that, they selected what they believed to be the three strongest individuals and brought them in to meet with other athletic department staff as well as Coach Darrin Horn and Coach Ray Tanner.  Based on those discussions and in-person interviews, the focus group provided ISP with a recommendation for them to make their hire.  Stay tuned to GamecocksOnline.com to see who you will be hearing this season on the Gamecock Radio Network.

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  1. gamecockboy

    GOOD news…word has it is former lady gamecock play by play guy andy demitri.

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