Women’s Soccer vs. Mexico

The big news from this past weekend was South Carolina’s women’s soccer team defeating the Mexican national team 2-0 in Greenville, SC at the MeSA Soccer Complex.  If you followed The Editor’s Twitter (@SpursUpBlog), you were able to stay updated on the game.  See video highlights of the event here and read the game recap here.  Click here for a photo gallery from the game – I love the photo of Cocky with the sombrero.  Here’s a few additional thoughts from the game.

  • The crowd: What an experience for the women’s soccer team – nearly 3,000 fans gathered onto the hillside and temporary bleachers to see some quality soccer.  Despite seeing their team trail for much of the match, the Mexican fans (clearly in the majority) made their voices heard and created a unique atmosphere.”What a way to start the season – this environment and atmosphere was awesome,” said Gamecock defender Blakely Mattern.  “This isn’t something that we’ll face playing on the road in the SEC this season.””When Mexico comes to this country, they have a great outpouring of fans, and CESA [Carolina Elite Soccer Academy] did a wonderful job of promoting it,” said Gamecock women’s soccer coach Shelley Smith.  “It was definitely exciting to have a different feel to the event than we’ll have in any home or road game this season.”
  • How did South Carolina end up playing Mexico? I spoke with Andrew Hyslop, co-director of CESA after the game about how the game came together.  “South Carolina contacted me about bringing some of our players to watch a game if they played Mexico there and I thought we could get good attendance for it if we brought it to Greenville.  Six South Carolina players have played in our program and with the Hispanic population here, it was a no-brainer to try to bring it here.  When you bring in a national team like Mexico, you’re going to get a passionate group of Mexican fans and in our state, you’re always going to get a passionate group of Gamecock fans as well.”
  • Love the vuvuzela: If you followed any of the U.S. Men’s National Team’s trip to South Africa recently for the Confederations Cup, then you’re familiar with this noisemaker:

The horn, known as a vuvuzela, makes a loud, buzzing sound and is originally from South Africa.  (For more on this “instrument,” click here.)  Many fans at the game had these horns and it certainly added an international flavor to the match.  Unfortunately, due to SEC regulations, artificial noisemakers like the vuvuzela at banned at soccer matches.  For a report on the vuvuzela, see below:


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