More on Andy Demetra

Our Media Relations Director Steve Fink recently forwarded me an e-mail he received about our new radio voice for men’s basketball and baseball.   I thought it  would be good to share with our readers:

Steve, this is Rudy Martzke, the long-time USA Today TV Sports Columnist who retired four years ago.

Prior to USA Today I spent eight years in the front offices of pro basketball teams, two in the NBA and two in the NBA. The last team was the ABA Spirits of St. Louis, where I was the general manager and launched new Syracuse grad Bob Costas’ career by selecting him as our team broadcaster.

Since retiring I have gone into sports consulting. One of my clients is Career Sports and Entertainment, a sports agency in Atlanta, for whom I recommend sportscasters and advise young broadcasters how to achieve their ultimate goals.
Of my many sportscaster pupils, I consider Andy Demetra to have the most potential. Still in his 20’s, he already has a national position with ISP radio calling various sports. And I understand he has a connection to the University of South Carolina.

I believe Andy possesses all the attributes needed to succeed as the Gamecocks basketball and baseball play-by-play broadcaster as well as the football postgame host – sharp voice, knowing the nuances of the game to stay ahead of the action, superior knowledge of the players, coaches and team history, understanding when to raise and lower his voice depending on how the play unfolds and the ability to set up and bring in his analyst partner.

I hope you give Andy the utmost consideration for this important broadcast position. I am convinced he will be a great choice.

Rudy Martzke
USA Today retired.

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  1. gamecockboy

    great article and thank u for sharing with us…

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