Clifton Geathers Update

After being reviewed, researched and studied thoroughly by the University of South Carolina administration, Clifton Geathers’ recent arrest has resulted in a modified suspension for the Gamecock junior defensive end. Geathers will serve a one-game suspension – the first game after he is medically cleared to play. Geathers has been released to the football team where he will be allowed to return to practice and resume all team activities immediately.



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5 responses to “Clifton Geathers Update

  1. Keith

    must let clifton play in all games i hear he a good player

  2. snoop

    well, since geathers has already been cleared medically, then he will sit out the nc state game, and be ready for uga. glad to hear this, as geathers has always been a good clean kid, and doesn’t have a rep for getting into trouble.

  3. Ben

    Glad to hear this. Hopefully he learned his lesson from this, both for the team’s sake and his own. It will be nice to possibly have him against UGA…we need all the help we can get on that one.

  4. Kate

    Devin Taylor is doing an awesome job !!! Go Devin

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