Fairgrounds Parking Open House

I’ve seen my share of unique events working in athletics, but last Saturday might have been one of the most interesting.  Due to the renovation of the State Fairgrounds parking area and the subsequent reassignment of Gamecock Club member parking, the Gamecock Club hosted a Parking Open House to give members the opportunity to “test” out their new parking space on Saturday afternoon.

Nearly 1,000 people came to see their new space on Saturday – as well as get a dry run on tailgating.  People set up tents and pulled up chairs and spent part of their Saturday afternoon preparing for those fall afternoons before kick-off.

The feedback at the event was very positive about the beautiful new area, which includes paved drives, trees and more street lighting.  The size of the spaces was the most frequent topic of discussion.  The State Fairgrounds staff reminded us that the size of the space is the same as in previous years, but that it is more clearly defined this season.  The new paved roads define more clearly the roadway from the parking areas.  As folks parked and set up their tailgates, most determined it would fit their needs on game days.   It’s important to remember that the athletics department leases this property for football season while the State Fairgrounds group designed the area to fit their needs on a year-round basis.

For more information on tailgating policies at the Fairgrounds this year, click here.


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