Gamecocks first on Cowboys video board

Just found out that tomorrow night’s football game vs. N.C. State will be the first college football game ever shown on the video board at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium. 

The Cotton Bowl Classic is hosting an open house for its new office at the stadium on Thursday night and the South Carolina game will serve as the backdrop to the tour. 

The video board stretches from 20-yard line to 20-yard line and is the world’s largest HD board.  Here’s some other impressive stats about the screen:

  • The screen is 160 by 72 feet
  • Weighs 1.2 million pounds
  • Contains 30 million light bulbs
  • Price tag: $40 million

For more about the board, click here.



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2 responses to “Gamecocks first on Cowboys video board

  1. Bill


  2. Mike D. Gamecock

    Thank you very much for telling us about this! I live in Dallas now and will definately be there.

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