Football Parking Questions

I placed an order for Fairgrounds Reserved Red on my summer parking application and was charged $260 but I was assigned parking in the Reserved Green area, which is $225. When can I expect to receive my refund?

We are currently processing refund requests for all members who placed an order for Reserved Red parking and did not get assigned in that area. You should be receiving your refund around September 18.

Are there any more parking spaces available to purchase?

We have approximately 75 parking spaces left for sale in the Armory lot for $75 per space and 350 spaces for sale in the Half-Scholarship lot for $200 per space. The Armory and Half Scholarship parking lots are non-reserved, but only the number of parking spaces available in those lots will be sold.

We also have approximately 300 reserved spaces in the State Fairgrounds lot. All of these spaces are located in the Reserved Green area (blue or green section) and are $225 each.

All available parking spaces will be on sale at the South Carolina Athletics Ticket Office located in Colonial Life Arena. You can also call the ticket office at 803-777-4274 to place an order for parking. All spaces are non-priority and are limited to Gamecock Club members only.



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2 responses to “Football Parking Questions

  1. Jim freeland

    I am a new club member,can you give me driving directions to Armory parking?

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