More Stadium Ramp Photos

The reaction was positive after I showed you the start of the work on the stadium ramps.  I stopped by the football stadium this afternoon and shot some pictures of the work as we get closer to kickoff at Williams-Brice.






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5 responses to “More Stadium Ramp Photos

  1. johnlee

    that looks great,wish they would cover every bit of W B concrete with garnet and black.
    GOOOOO Cocks

  2. Josh

    Keep dressing up WB!

  3. Tommy Stephens

    I love what has been done so far. It looks great. I would love to see “Carolina” painted on the upper deck seats on one side, “Gamecocks” painted on the other side, and “USC” on the end zone seats that would be visable from downtown. That would be impressive

  4. Bobby H.

    I agree with tommy, everything looks GREAT. Would love to see sides and endzone painted.

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