Student-Athletes Learning Etiquette

Student-athletes at the University of South Carolina do more than just attend class and compete for the Garnet & Black on the field.  The CHAMPS/Life Skills department offers a number of programs designed to prepare our student-athletes for life off the field and outside the classroom.  One of those programs is the annual etiquette dinner hosted each semester.  Spring sports participants in their sophomore year attend the dinner in the fall and fall participants attend the spring dinner.  The Spring Sports Dinner was held on Tuesday at the Zone in Williams-Brice Stadium.

Over 50 sophomore student-athletes from ten teams participated in the dinner presented by Pauline Hyman, a certified etiquette specialist and wife of Athletics Director Eric Hyman.  The students were educated on proper techniques for eating in a formal setting as well as correct methods for greetings and introductions.  The teams represented at the dinner were baseball, women’s basketball, men’s track, softball, men’s and women’s swimming and diving, men’s and women’s golf, men’s tennis and equestrian.  Here’s some photos from the event:

ETTIQUETTE  9.15.09  049.SM

ETTIQUETTE  9.15.09  067.SM

ETTIQUETTE  9.15.09  069.SM

ETTIQUETTE  9.15.09  096.SM

ETTIQUETTE  9.15.09  103.SM

ETTIQUETTE  9.15.09  134.SM

ETTIQUETTE  9.15.09  145.SM


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