West Side Waterpoofing

With all the new graphics and visual improvements to Williams-Brice Stadium, you might not notice one of the most major improvements to the facility.  As some of you may know, the West Lower stands at the stadium had a tremendous leakage problem.  Any heavy rain created a number of problems for the areas beneath the stands – mainly the office spaces, team equipment area, multimedia room as well as the locker room.

Over the summer, all of the bleachers in the West Lower stands were removed to seal and waterproof the entire seating section.  The cost – $495,000.  While it might not be as sexy as fresh garnet graphics, it was a valuable project that will help extend the life of Williams-Brice Stadium.  (Editor’s Note: It’s slightly difficult to take a photograph of a waterproofing project.  But you can get the gist of it below.)

Lower West Stands


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  1. gamecockboy

    THAT Is a good investimate…good job!!!

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