The Closer: What are your favorite traditions at South Carolina?

In my opinion, the best part of college athletics is the unique traditions at schools across the country. Every school has their own cheers, chants, entrances and values that create an identity for that institution.  One of my favorite traditions here at South Carolina is what I believe to be best entrance in college football – “2001.”  But as a school with over 100 years of participation in intercollegiate sports, there’s many other traditions that have been established here at South Carolina. Our mascot Cocky is a tradition unto himself.  The Cock-a-Booses, the “Spur ‘Em” hand signal, the “GAME – COCKS” cheer.  What do you think separates us from other schools? What are your favorite traditions at South Carolina?




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7 responses to “The Closer: What are your favorite traditions at South Carolina?

  1. Britishgmcck

    Nothing beats 2001. I also love the blackout games-wish Spurrier would do more of those, at least once a year.

  2. I would totally agree and say that my most favorite tradition here at South Carolina is the 2001 Entrance. Many schools around the nation believe they have the most exciting college football entrance, but they have seen nothing until they see 2001. And you totally hit it on the nail when you talked about Cocky. Cocky is pretty young among the college mascots, but yet he has placed himself among the best. Many Clemson fans always talk about their one national title they got back in the day, but let’s talk about something other than football. Take The Tiger for instance: 1) – doesn’t have a name 2) – has been around about twice as long as Cocky, but how many National Titles does he have? Answer: 0…Cocky? 5 with the most recent being the 2009 NCA National Mascot Champion. 3) – has to have a back-up called “The Cub”….how original!

  3. Chad

    I’ve grown up a Gamecock and graduated a Gamecock and I can’t tell you what a “spurs em” hand signal is. Please enlighten me.

  4. Nicki

    2001 is the best tradition at USC! It is awesome and the excitement builds and builds until that last note when the team bursts onto the field!

  5. Tsilavo

    2001 is obviously THE greatest entrance in all of college sports. so i’m a little bias but really…i would pay just to be a part of that much less watch the game.

    and i would say that a huge part of carolina tradition is our fans. we’re pretty loud. i always joke w/ my friends that whether we’re watching football or basketball or whatever and whether or not the venue is old out…there are few who are louder than carolina fans.

    lets give it to ’em TONIGHT!!

  6. jsmith

    My husband went to clemson so i have been forced on occasion to go there to watch football. To say that they were wrong when they (whomever they is) said that their entrance is the “most exciting 15 seconds in college football” was on something. I mean, touch a rock, run down a hill…yawn! it’s such a huge build up to nothing. We took some of his co-workers to the last CU game (this was their first American football experience). After the entrance I asked them what they thought and their response was “that was it? leaves a little to be desired” No kidding! 2001 gives me chills. The drama of it all is awesome. And in comparison to, for example, Clemson…well there’s no comparison. And the tiger, please. that old ratty costume looks like it’s been around since Clemson was founded. Meanwhile, he doesn’t even do anything except push-ups. And you can see his tennis shoes!!!! that’s just wrong. GO COCKS!

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