The Closer: Rankings

Seriously, how in the world did Georgia score 41 points on this stout Gamecocks defense? If QB Stephen Garcia keeps improving, South Carolina is a dangerous team for both Alabama (Oct. 17) and Florida (Nov. 14).


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  1. SEC Fan

    How did Georgia put up 41 on the South Carolina defense? The Dawgs are the best offense that the Gamecocks have faced, for one thing. Ole Miss was vastly overrated, and they also failed to take advantage of their most powerful weapons when they played in Columbia. It was a great win for the Gamecocks, but I think most USC fans will admit that things might have been a lot more scary if the Rebels had remembered Dexter McCluster a little earlier in the game. South Carolina couldn’t stop him on those last few drives, and I’ll never understand why Houston Nutt decided to get cute with the 2nd and 3rd down calls that led to the turnover on downs to end it. Georgia’s got HUGE problems defensively, but their offense is stout. SC won’t be facing firepower like that again until the Arkansas-Florida two-step in November, though Alabama’s offense is also tough.

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