Detour Route for Knoxville

As I’m sure most of you have heard, there was a rock slide on I-40 that has shut down that part of the highway going into Tennessee. You can read a recap and see a photo of the rock slide here.

There’s a couple different ways you can take to get to Knoxville now:

From Columbia to Knoxville:

– I-26 West to Asheville, NC
– Continue on I-26W in Asheville, NC past I-40 West (in which I would normally go)
– Take Exit 19B (off I-26W in Asheville, NC) for US Route 25 North / US Route 70 West
– This will take back roads through Hot Springs to Newport, TN
– As you get into Newport, TN, US 25 & US 70 will merge with Route 9, Route 32, and Route 25
– Continue on these roads until it joins I-40W (Exit 432).

From Knoxville to Columbia:

– I-40 East to Exit 432A (Newport, TN)(I believe this exits on the LEFT side of the interstate)
– Follow signs for US Route 25 South / US Route 70 East
– This will take you through Newport, Hot Springs, and eventually to Asheville, NC
– This will eventually connect you to I-26 East at Exit 19.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is also recommending this route:

Motorists traveling eastbound on I-40 are being routed up Interstate 81 to Johnson City and back to I-40 via Interstate 26, according to the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Motorists traveling on I-40 West are advised to use I-240 West, to I-26 West out of Asheville, to Johnson City, Tenn., then take I-81 South back to I-40.


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