Compliments to the Carolina Girls

We received this note a few weeks ago, but I wanted to save it until the week of a home game. Lindsay Sprague, head coach of the Carolina Girls, received this very complimentary letter from a football fan who is traveling to college football venues across the country in preparation for a book about the college football experience from a fan’s perspective. To date, he has visited over 60 different schools. Click here to view the Carolina Girls team page.

When I go to each school I pay close attention to the cheerleaders, band and dance team. I’ve learned they play a pivotal role in getting the fans involved and the overall atmosphere. The book isn’t just about football, rather life as a fan, too. And, it’s based on several factors including the dance team, etc. I was so impressed with how your girls handled themselves I felt compelled to email and congratulate you. You’ve found a way to integrate your squad into the daily life of fans and I believe it paves the way for a unique experience that makes all fans, even out-of-towners like me, feel at home.

I’ve made an effort to talk with, take fan photographs of and interact with every band, dance team and cheer squad in the US and your Carolina Girls rank amongst the top five, particularly in regards to character. Reigning from Southern California where USC and UCLA keep the dance and cheer girls caged away from fans it was a great experience to see the trust you must have in your squad. They are phenomenal ambassadors of the university and some of the most beautiful, yet down to earth women I’ve ran across. They remind me of the dance team at South Florida; stunning women that don’t realize how well they make the university look outside and inside the stadium. I spent about 20 minutes talking with them at Gamecock Village and quickly realize the hospitality they provide, without even knowing they are doing it. They truly want to be there, love what they do and come fixed with respect for fans of both schools, smiles that last a lifetime and top-notch class. I also learned a lot about their character when I witnessed how they handled themselves in front of Bojangle’s when they were able to brush off rude comments by drunk fans and respond with, “Enjoy the game, Sir,” while still gleaming with huge smiles. You’ve coached them extremely well in dance – and life – and it’s a pleasure to have seen it firsthand. I wish more experiences were like the one I received at South Carolina.




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2 responses to “Compliments to the Carolina Girls

  1. Cathy Merck Tyson

    Way to go Carolina Girls! Poise,class,character and beauty…..a winning combination no matter what the score of the game is. I am extremely proud to be a University of South Carolinian and you are part of the reason why. Keep up the great work representing our school and making us all proud!
    Cathy Tyson



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