Jasper Brinkley Gets Some Praise

After picking up his first career start on Sunday in the Minnesota Vikings’ 30-10 win over the Cincinnati Bengals, former Gamecock linebacker Jasper Brinkley received some praise for his performance in the game.

“He did a great job I thought in both against a very difficult group to play against just because of all the extra linemen that they had in the game,” Childress added. “You have to do some different things when people are unbalanced. First of all, it’s coming out of the huddle at you. It’s visual recognition and identification. They’re always attempting to deceive when they do that, and it has to happen very quickly where you’re setting the defense, getting people moved if they didn’t hear you, flipping people over, linebackers flipping sides, and then playing the game.”

Brinkley played primarily in the Vikings base package – in the 4-3 defensive alignment on most 1st and 2nd downs. He registered 3 tackles and contributed significantly to a defensive effort that held the Bengals to just 210 net yards.

“It’s a tough situation to come into,” said LB Ben Leber after the game. “Obviously, he was probably anxious and nervous. I thought he performed pretty well coming in and making the calls in base (defense), and going downhill and making some hits.”


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