Williams-Brice Stadium Field of Dreams

We’ve all wondered what it feels like – sprinting out of the tunnel to the strains of 2001, running through the smoke, catching a pass in the end zone at Williams-Brice Stadium. A group of lucky fans had the opportunity to do just that after winning the Little Caesars Field of Dreams promotion this month.

Two winners were selected from entry forms filled out at Little Caesars locations throughout the Midlands. Each winner assembled a six-man team for a game of touch football at Williams-Brice Stadium.  When they arrived that afternoon, the teams received a behind-the-scenes tour of the stadium, including the weight room, meeting rooms, and home locker room.  After reporting to the visiting locker room, they found personalized lockers waiting on them with their Field of Dreams jerseys.  Once they suited up, the sounds of 2001 filled the stadium and through the smoke, the two teams ran out of the tunnel and onto the field. Their friends and families cheered them on as the team captains, Chris Hewitt and Chris Lucas, and their teammates were introduced.

The referee spotted the ball and the game was on. While Sandstorm blasted on the PA system, the two teams threw the ball around for eight possessions each until a winner was decided.

Registration is now under way at area Little Caesars’ locations for the basketball version of Field of Dreams for the opportunity to play a game on the court at Colonial Life Arena.


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