Sidney Rice Highlights and NFL Network Feature

Former Gamecock Sidney Rice tied a NFL playoff record with 3 TD receptions against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday in Minnesota’s 34-3 win. Rice caught six passes for 141 yards. Here’s a look at some highlights from his day [Editor’s Note – The NFL doesn’t let me embed highlights so you’ll have to click the photo to see footage of Rice’s afternoon]:

After you check out what Rice did on Sunday, watch this great feature from the NFL Network about his journey to the pros and his close bond with his mother. Watch here or click the photo below:


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One response to “Sidney Rice Highlights and NFL Network Feature

  1. after seeing sidney film i hated to see him leave south carolina football team but i understand his reason he has taking care of his mother i cant my mother past away in 1992 in my arms from cancer money we all need it, i just hope he does not forget where he came from like so many young men do, i hope sidney the best in life i hope his heart is rt with christ and i hope he invest his money wisely for his own good go sidney rice.

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