Kenny McKinley Featured in NFL Draft Book

Former Gamecock wide receiver Kenny McKinley will be featured in a book about the NFL Draft process titled “Draft Season” by Bobby Deren. McKinley was drafted in the 5th round of the 2009 Draft by the Denver Broncos. He appeared in 8 games for Denver before injuring his knee and being placed on injured reserve on Dec. 28. Here’s the official description of the book:

DRAFT SEASON is the thrilling story of four young football players as they prepare for the bewildering, multi-million dollar extravaganza that is the NFL Draft. Morgan Trent, Kenny McKinley, Frantz Joseph and Lydon Murtha come from different backgrounds, but are united in their determination to make it to the NFL. Once they have played their final down of college football, their eyes immediately turned toward the NFL Draft. DRAFT SEASON takes you inside the everyday battles each player endures as he tries to achieve his lifelong goal of playing in the NFL.

For more on Draft Season, visit the book’s website at


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