Darrin Horn Teleconference Quotes

Men’s basketball coach Darrin Horn had a brief teleconference with members of the media on Wednesday morning. Here’s some quotes:

How does this impact you on the recruiting trail?

It makes a big difference when you walk in the gym when you’ve got South Carolina across your chest and you just beat the No. 1 team in the country. It’s a huge program win. You say you want to compete against the best in the country to go out and when you beat them it validates what your goals are. It’s big in every way for us.

How does Devan’s presence impact the team from a leadership perspective?

He works incredibly hard and comes focused everyday. His presence and the work ethic that he brings everyday impacts us in a positive way. When you’re best player is your hardest worker, there’s no question that impacts your team.

What were your thoughts on the atmosphere at Colonial Life Arena?

I thought it was electric. It was as good an atmosphere you’re going to find anywhere in the country. It was great to watch our student fans to enjoy that win. Great win for our fans and our student fans. The atmosphere was incredible and a huge reason we won the game.

When did you know this team knew they were ready to face Kentucky?

Sunday night when we met and had a brief on-court practice. They had a presence and look in their eye…We took a step on Saturday [against Florida] even though we lost the game. We felt like we took a step, win or lose, and our guys knew that and they were excited about this opportunity.

What does this win mean in terms of significance?

It is a great win and we can look back on that. But if you don’t move forward and put yourself in position to win…if you don’t come out and do that the next night, then Tuesday’s win kind of disappears. Historical significance will remain but how it can help this season becomes depleted if you don’t move forward the same way you went into the game.


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