A Week in the life of Eric Hyman

In the recent feature story on athletics director Eric Hyman, he said “People think an athletic director just schedules the games and goes out and watches the games.”  I thought people would be interested to see what exactly a full week is like in the life of Eric Hyman so I took a peek at his schedule from last week. For a few of the items, I’ve got a quote from Hyman about the appointment.


4:55 am – Leave for Spinning class

Hyman – “If I’m not there by 5:10, then I won’t have a bike.” Hyman usually rides with Stan Juk, a former Gamecock football player.

7 am – Breakfast at the Dodie Anderson Academic Enrichment Center

Hyman – “I was the first one there. I’ve been looking forward to the completion of this building for a long time. It was exciting to see our student-athletes enter the Dodie for the first time and sit down for breakfast.”

10 am  – Weekly Meeting with Deputy AD Marcy Girton & Emily White

11 am – Communications Working Group meeting

-Weekly meeting to discuss communication strategy for the department with a team of staff

Lunch with former assistant coach

3 pm – Meeting with a women’s tennis recruit

Hyman – “As the Athletics Director, I’m willing to make myself available to coaches in the recruiting process.  I am able to communicate the vision for the program and help prospective Gamecocks understand the expectations of building a nationally prominent program at the University of South Carolina

4 pm – Met with Joe Person of the State for a story about the future of facilities and fundraising. Marcy Girton and Senior Associate AD Kevin O’Connell also attended the meeting.

4:30 pm – Met Bob Gillespie of The State for feature story on the Dodie

7 pm – Inside the Roost radio show

-Guest: former South Carolina head men’s basketball coach Eddie Fogler

Hyman: “I believe this radio show is another tool we can use to communicate to the Gamecock Nation about the program.  When I got to South Carolina, many fans told me that they wanted to hear more about the department, especially the areas and programs that don’t receive much coverage.  I hope this radio show helps meet that need.”


4:55 am – Leave for Spinning class

7 am – Arrives at the Roundhouse

-Responds to e-mails and returns phone calls until first scheduled appointment

10 am – Meeting with Associate AD Charles Waddell to discuss football scheduling

10:50 – Noon – Visited a donor with Director of Revenue Development Jeff Crane

Lunch with Art Baker

-Baker was a football coach at Furman when Hyman was with the Paladins as well as the former director of the Gamecock Club

2 pm – Coach evaluation

Hyman – “At the end of each season, I like to sit down with each head coach and review what went well and what needs improvement. This helps us stay focused on improving for the future of the program.”

3 pm – Met with a student-athlete

4 pm – Met with former Gamecock football player Terry Cousin along with Charles Waddell

6:45 pm – Student-athlete etiquette dinner

Hyman – “We want to prepare our student-athletes for a future after college and teaching them proper etiquette will pay off for them in a key social situation such as a job interview.”

9 pm – Men’s basketball game vs. Kentucky

Hyman – “I had trouble sleeping that night after all the energy and excitement of the game. I just kept replaying it over and over in my head. It was one of the most exciting moments I’ve experienced since I’ve been here. The student support and enthusiasm made such a tremendous difference.”


7 am – Arrives at the Roundhouse

Hyman – “We received a lot of positive feedback from people after the Clemson win, but what was surprising to me is that we actually received more after the win over Kentucky. There was so much energy and excitement in the athletics department that morning.”

9 am – 12:30 pm – Management Team meeting

Travel to Charleston with Assistant AD for Major Gifts Russell James to meet with three different donors until attending a dinner at 7 pm. Returned to Columbia around 10 pm.

Hyman – “It takes many people to build a successful athletics program. Our donors are one of those key components.  I enjoy travelling the state and sharing the vision for our future.”


8 am – Arrives at the Roundhouse

9 am to 10:30 am – President’s Executive Council

10:30 am – Meeting on campus

11:30 am – Lunch with two donors in Hyman’s office

2 pm – Telephone call with reporter from Lexington, Kentucky

3 pm – Exit interview with Gamecock football senior Nathan Pepper

Hyman – “I meet with several senior student-athletes as they finish their time at South Carolina to discuss their experience as a student-athlete. Making those experiences worthwhile is important to the future success of our program.”

4 pm – Met with a South Carolina student who attended same high school as Hyman. Student was given an old basketball program with Hyman’s name and photo in it and the student gave it to Hyman

7 pm – Women’s basketball game vs. Ole Miss


8 am – Arrives at the Roundhouse

Morning scheduled to catch up on e-mails and phone calls

1:30 pm – Appointment out of the office

3 pm – Media tour of the Dodie Anderson Academic Enrichment Center


2 pm – Speak to junior football recruits

3 pm – Listened to a sport psychiatrist speak to the men’s and women’s golf team

5 pm – Speak to men’s and women’s golf junior recruits at the Dodie

6 pm – Car Dealers reception at Colonial Life Arena

7 pm – Men’s basketball game vs. Georgia


2 pm – Women’s basketball game vs. Tennessee


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