Get Fit with Fitz

During football season this year, Lexington Medical Center sponsored a promotion called “Get Fit with Fitz.” Fans could e-mail questions to Carolina Calls with Coach Spurrier about different health and injury issues concerning the Gamecocks which would be answered by an expert from the Lexington Medical Center. If a fan’s question was chosen to be asked on the show, they were entered into a drawing. The winner would receive the opportunity to get a personal workout session with South Carolina’ s Director of Football Strength and Conditioning Craig Fitzgerald. The winner, Bryan Mise of Columbia, recently had his workout at the weight rom in the Charles F. Crews Football Facility.  Here’s some photos and a brief Q&A with Bryan about his workout.

Spurs Up: What were you expecting before the workout?

Bryan: I really didn’t know what to expect, but I had heard that Coach Fitz would give me a good workout. All I wanted was to be inspired to get back in shape and start working out again. He definitely gave me the tools that I needed to get back in it.

Spurs Up: What do you think you got out of the workout?

Bryan: Coach Fitz showed me some exercises that I could do just about anywhere and at anytime. We worked on core training and some low impact weights. I will continue to use what he showed me to get into better shape. In fact, the workout was so good that I am still really sore. He put me through the ringer.

Spurs Up: What was the best part about it?

The best part of the workout had to be when I got to meet Cliff Matthews. He even asked me to spot for him while he was working out. When he first asked I thought that he was asking Coach Fitz and then I was like “You mean ME!?!?!” So I dropped everything and helped him out. He was really nice and went out of his way to make this experience very memorable for me. I hope to see him playing on Sundays.


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