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Know a Gamecock: Kandyce Redondo

Today’s Know a Gamecock features softball sophomore Kandyce Redondo. An electronic journalism major from Pembroke Pines, Florida, Redondo chose chose South Carolina over Florida Atlantic, UCF, North Florida and Jacksonville University.

What is your perfect meal?

Pasta. Just plain noodles, no sauce. Nothing, just plain white pasta.

If you could go anywhere before you die where would you go?

I would want to go to Africa and do a safari.

Name a few people you would like to hang out with.

Bob Marley and all of The Beatles.

What was the last book you read?

The last book I read was Breaking Dawn. From the Twilight Saga, the last one.

What is your favorite movie?

My favorite movie…of all time….I would have to say Drop Dead Fred. It’s really funny.

Who are your three favorite musical artists or bands?

Bob Marley, The Beatles, and I’ll go with Lil’ Wayne…mix it up a little.

Do you have a personal motto?

No worries. Love life.

If you could change one thing, what would you change? About anything?

I’d have to say, I’d like to be a little…about two inches taller. Two inches.


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Know a Gamecock: P.J. Fulmer

Softball season starts on Friday as the Gamecocks host College of Charleston at Beckham Field at 5 p.m. so today’s Know a Gamecock features Gamecock junior catcher P.J. Fulmer. A sport and entertainment major from Blythewood, Fulmer started 30 games behind the plate last season for South Carolina.

What is a talent you would like to have?

I would love to be able to sing or dance. You always see those kids at school, like you were automatically popular if you could dance or sing…do a back flip or something like that.

Name two people you would like to hang out with.

I’d love to hang out with Pudge Rodriguez. Pudge is my favorite baseball player ever, and I don’t know, maybe Eva Longoria.

What is your dream job?

My dream job is just something with sports. That’s one of the only things that really just keeps me interested all the time. I’m always watching Sports Center. I mean, it would be cool to work with ESPN, but I don’t want to be the media or a journalist.

What is your personal motto?

Work hard. Everyday. Like it’s your last. I mean, everything in life is going to happen for a reason, you just have to work for it.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Before every game Audrey and I always go up to the bullpen, even if she’s not pitching that game or warming up. I’ll stand on the home plate with my feet on both sides, and we play…I don’t even know what it’s called…but it’s like slap-hands, and you do it five times through. If we win, we do that again, if we don’t, we change the number.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what are three things you would have with you?

My cell phone, a bunch of food, and probably a TV; I need some sort of entertainment. If I could bring a friend instead of a TV, that might work too.

What is the last song you heard on your ipod?

Probably some Britney Spears song, I think. I think “I’m a Slave for You” is the last thing that came on; I was walking to class.

What is your greatest fear?

Heights. I cry on roller coasters.

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Softball Preview on SECSports.com

With softball season just a week away, SECSports.com has a preview of South Carolina up on their website now featuring video from Head Coach Joyce Compton. Click here to watch.

The Gamecocks open their season at Beckham Field on Friday, Feb. 12 at 5 p.m. versus College of Charleston. You can reserve a chairback seat for the season for just $25. Visit GamecocksOnline.com or call 800-4SC-FANS to order.

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Softball Blog: Ashley Chastain

Softball’s junior pitcher Ashley Chastain writes the latest installment of the South Carolina Softball blog and talks about getting ready for the upcoming season and attending Tuesday’s men’s basketball game against Kentucky. Click here to read.

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South Carolina Softball Helps Family for Holidays

The South Carolina softball team took time before breaking for the holidays to give a little back to one family in the Columbia area, as they donated gifts through the WIS “Families Helping Families” annual event.

Forgoing a traditional gift swap, the Gamecocks donated the money they would have spent into a large pot, and friends and family members of the program came together to raise more money to help a single-parent family with four children to have a special Christmas day. Through the combined efforts, the team was able to purchase many gifts for the children and parent.

Check out the video of senior captains Adele Voight and Lindsay Walker making the final purchases and talking about what the team did for the family. Click here for a photo gallery of the team wrapping the gifts.

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