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Got a question about the Gamecocks you need answered?  Did you take an amazing photo at the most recent game?  Need to know more about what’s going on?  Send it our way at gamecockalerts@ gmail.com or leave a comment!


12 responses to “Tip Jar

  1. ken

    Hi –

    What are these football mini-packs that you are talking about ?

    How can I get/order them ?



  2. It’s great to see you blogging about Carolina Sports. When first starting a blog it’s easy to get mundane and not update as often. It’s easy to slack off and not post interesting material. Since the start of this blog though great quality post have been made and wonderful pictures. I’m excited for Carolina Football and all sports media to be covered on this site. Keep it up. Great job!

  3. Hey, just checked out your blog, nice work. I started my own blog as well, check it our sometime.

  4. Hi, the Garnet Army was at EdVenture’s HalloWonka on Tuesday night, October 27. Thanks so much for coming! I was in a photo with Cocky and was sondering when you guys were going to post those photos?


  5. kb5150


    You published a photo I took of Williams-Brice Stadium from the Ole Miss game…I went back to campus last saturday and took a slew of really cool shots of our campus. Would you be interested in publishing some of those? Thanks!

    Ken Bloch, Jr.

  6. B

    How can I find the sandstorm christmas lights video?

  7. Cris

    Got lucky this season. Only went to two games but they were Ky and Fla. Both awsome. I already forgot the Papa bowl. Great things are happening in Col. I smell a championship.

  8. mary walker

    what was the name of the song played last night during the time-outs? uk vs. sc

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